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Steve Culumovic
designer | maker   





Since 1995, Blue Skies Custom Woodwork has been meticulously crafting furniture, kitchens and cabinetry by hand.

Designer | maker Steve Culumovic takes a traditional approach to building, resulting in a level of craftsmanship not easily found today. 

Committed to environmental stewardship, Steve uses responsibly sourced, domestic woods, choosing which local sawyers and lumber dealers to buy from based on their ethical supply chain. 

Steve is often approached by customers who have an intact tree of sentimental or historical significance. He takes these projects right from milling the wood to building pieces of furniture with personal stories.

Using only zero or low VOC finishes, and with more than 25 years' experience and countless projects to his name, Steve knows which ones will stand up to the demands of daily use.

Every piece Steve builds is an original. 

There is a truly hand made element in every step of his process, from hand sketched designs to traditional joinery techniques, natural brushed-on finishes, and knobs and drawer pulls turned on a lathe using local hardwoods. He also offers hand applied gilding in gold and silver leaf. 

Regardless of the scale of the work, Steve approaches each piece in the same manner, thoughtfully choosing which species of wood to use and how the grain will enhance its overall appearance. 

Steve is proud to be able to convey respect to his customers, his materials and himself in the process of creating his work. 

Blue Skies Handmade Kitchens embody the Shaker tenet of using the best materials, and building with them in the best possible way. Face frame cabinetry, inset doors and drawers and traditional joinery impart true craftsmanship. Integrated appliances and a modern consideration of the use of space combine to create warmly inviting kitchens that are a pleasure to spend time in.

Scrupulously finished inside and out, every aspect of the kitchen is built to last using natural materials that can be repaired, repainted and refinished, not disposed of when trends change. Colour is incredibly persuasive. Repainting can reinvent a space without the unnecessary waste of a renovation.

Designing and working with the maker, Steve's customers benefit from the clarity that comes from conveying their ideas and needs directly to the maker of their kitchen.


Appleby College Reclaimed Ash Boardroom Table
Library Cabinet
Cherry Dresser
Wine Cabinet
Solid Walnut Dining Chair
Walnut Coffee Table
Solid Walnut Flip-top Table
Handcrafted Shaker-style Kitchen
Handmade Kitchen
Kitchen Workspace with Inset Drawers
The Unfitted Kitchen
Solid Wood Handmade Kitchen
Handmade Solid Wood Kitchen
Inset Doors on a Large Scale
Walnut armoire
Hand brushed cabinet
Bow Front Vanity
Turned candle holder
White oak outdoor wooden benches
Solid Walnut Dining Table and Chair
Our work


Steve Culumovic was named after his Grandfather (Dida) who came to Canada from Croatia alone and singlehandedly built his home including all of its cabinetry and millwork. 


Steve followed in his Dida's footsteps. Growing up, he had a natural desire to build things, studying framing at Mohawk College, and going into business in house construction. Early in his career, he was drawn to the finer points of woodworking and began transitioning to the craft of furniture and cabinetmaking. 


Steve gained extensive experience working in shops in Whistler, B.C. before opening his own shop in Ontario in 1995.


Today, working at a blue, time worn work bench built and painted by his Dida, Steve employs integrity, competency and passion in the building of every piece he creates.

Featured in:

'Upgrade Your Home With Custom Furniture' Look Local      magazine, Oakville & Burlington, Winter Issue 2022


‘Meet the Maker' Look Local magazine, Oakville & Burlington,    March 2020


'Going With The Grain' Hamilton Magazine's INTERIORS, Fall    2005


'Made in Burlington' Burlington Post, May 2004

Steve often works in collaboration with Gayle Hutchings' Framing Studio.


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Located in Burlington's Escarpment Country

5672 Cedar Springs Rd, Burlington ON L7P 0B9

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